About Us


Hi! We’re Emily and Rick. We are a husband and wife team who turned our hobbies into a business. We have two small children who are our world, and we love being parents. They keep us busy and we are grateful they are always keeping us on our toes!

Rick has a passion for wood working, which we have Apple to thank for. He worked for a company called Fetzer, and built Apple tables world wide for five years. Upon graduating from school in Web Design and Programming, he was hesitant to leave a hands on job. As a result we decided to add a CNC Router to our wood working tools, and we have never regretted it.

Emily started playing around with the different elements of Photoshop and Illustrator, until she got the hang of it. In June of 2016 Emily picked up a pen and started to learn the art of hand lettering. We began offering hand-lettered wood cutouts. Totally custom items that you can’t find anywhere else, and added them the the Affinity Grove Collection.

We love what we do, and when it becomes work we will probably stop doing it. Everything we make and create is made with love and most of it we display in our own home. We love seeing our pieces in your homes and hope you’ll share how you’ve styled your purchases, with us!

Thanks for checking out more about us! We hope you’ll enjoy your experience with Affinity Grove.

About Us