How to add image to text in Procreate App

Add images to your text in the Procreate App is easy to do, follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to creating lettering with some flare to it.


First off you need to right your word. My go to word is always hello. So I lettered hello on my first layer.

Once you have written out your text and have it formatted exactly how you want the final piece to turn out you are ready to proceed to the next step. Create another layer. Fill this layer with whatever color background you are wanting. In this case I used white, so it’s really not noticeable. However if you look in the layers column you’ll see a white fill layer above the background layer.

Next go to the wrench tool, select insert, then insert flat image. Select the image that you want to use over your text. Drag this layer underneath the white fill layer your previously created. Your layers will look like the layers in the image below. A text layer, a white fill layer, and your image layer.

Click on your text layer and select the contents of the layer by tapping on the layer and choosing select. This will select only the text on the layer. Then hide the text layer by unchecking the box to the right. This next step might be the most important. Select the white fill layer, this is the layer you want to erase so that you’re bottom layer (the image) becomes your text.

With the white fill layer selected, choose your eraser tool and start erasing. Watch as your image shows through and transforms your lettering!

If you decide you want to change the image of your text, simply insert another flat image right underneath the white fill layer and it will change!

I love watching the lettering become so much more as you add glitter, watercolor, textures, and images to it. It adds a whole new dimension to lettering, and is one of the perks of lettering digitally! Enjoy watching your lettering drastically transform as you change your images! I’d love to see what you create! Share it with us using #affinityforletters


If you still need help I’ve put it all together into a quick video you can watch below!


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